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Saudi Arabia Certification

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Saudi Arabia Certification

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 Certification Introduction
To ensure public health, consumer safety and national security, and other factors, the Saudi Ministry of Commerce from 1995 MOCI started ICCP plan. September 30, 2003, MOCI promulgated new Product Conformity Certification Program (PCP), to replace the ICCP program, breaking the monopoly mechanism ICCP plans to introduce a third party evaluation institutions and third-party laboratories.
After August 8, 2004, the Saudi Ministry of Commerce Decree No. 6386 of PCP plan was amended to provide a range of goods in all control must provide a valid Certificate of Conformity (CoC, Conformity of Certificate), in order to be allowed to enter Saudi market. PCP plan by the Saudi Standards Agency (SASO, Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization) control, SASO authorization issuing authorities designated CoC certificate.
In addition to the product is prohibited or exemption provisions, all Saudi imports of goods must accompanied with a CoC certificate of conformity. PCP plans cover compliance assessment, inspection and certification requirements in three areas. This program consists of three types of authentication components, including: batch by batch inspection, registration and type approval. Manufacturers can choose according to the actual shipping times frequency.

Saudi latest requirements:
1. goods for export to Saudi issued a certificate of conformity shall be based on the test report has been issued by an accredited laboratory;
2. CoC only can be issued to the government export permission or registration of factory production.
3. Before for each batch will be exported to Saudi Arabia's high risk of goods / product shipment inspection should be conducted, sealing cabinet, wax seal and mark associated with that product conformity certificate serial number on the seal;
4. That needs for all markers on the product authenticate

Scope of products
All exports to Saudi consumer products have been designated as requiring a product, involving five categories: toys, electrical and electronic products, automotive products, chemical products and other products.
PCP is not within the control of the product range: the food and agricultural products, medicines and cosmetics, medical devices and equipment, crude oil.
Banned the export products: weapons, alcoholic, sedatives, pork, pornographic materials, brewing equipment, fireworks, Christmas trees, nutmeg, masks, videophone, animal and human performance toy or statue etc., more than 40 varieties.

Application process
Batch by batch inspection
It applies to shipments not frequent (such as less than three times per year) exporters or suppliers. Must be pre-shipment inspection PSI and shipment testing PST, both are can be obtained the CoC certificate after pass.
Suitable for the frequent exporters shipping (Homogenous goods), must be pre-shipment inspection PSI, and application product registration certificate Statement for Registration (SfR). This way for the vast majority of customers, it has the advantage before each shipment inspection (PSI: Pre-shipment Inspection) although it is necessary, but each batch of goods without any further pre-shipment testing (PST: Pre-shipment Testing).

2.Type Approval
Applicable to shipments of the frequent, high yield exporters. Product must fully comply with the relevant regulations, and the manufacturer's quality control system to assess and meet requirements before they can be awarded type approval certificate Statement for Licence (SfL). This way can save inspection fee or test fee for each shipment, Repeat simplify application procedure, and guarantee delivery times,  It is part of the larger or more frequent shipments, focus on quality and credibility of large companies favor.

Certification mark
None, but note the following:
1. Label Language: English or the Arabic
2. Instructions, warnings: the Arabic or the Arabic + English
3.Product and packaging or labels need printed word MADE IN CHINA; must be non-removable way is reflected in the products and packaging, can not stick with ordinary adhesive stickers.
4.Do not allow any registration without SASO licensing SASO LOGO Displayed on the product or packaging, to avoid the goods at the port of destination is therefore rejected the Saudi Customs clearance.

Other information
Technical Information:Voltage and frequency AC220V 60Hz, plug BS 1363
Whether to forcibly: Mandatory
The certificate is valid: COC batch effective, registration certificate valid for one year.
Plant inspection requirements:None
Holder of the requirements:None

SASO EER Energy efficiency certification
Saudi energy efficiency certification by the Saudi Bureau of Standards (SASO) compulsory certification of management and control, as Saudi Arabia, the only national standards bodies, SASO solely responsible for all standards and measures formulation and implemented.
March 2009 SASO announced in the country Official Gazette to air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and freezers these three products to implement energy efficiency label (EER) and minimum energy performance requirements (MEPS), provisions since April 27, 2010, all products in the scope of control, must be passed energy efficiency testing, satisfy MEPS requirements, the completion of the Saudi energy efficiency to register and add energy efficiency labels, before clearance and sold on the Saudi market.
Certificate valid for one year, must apply for renewal one month before the certificate expires.

Standards Update
Air conditioning
According to article 5 of the standard SASO 2663/2012; the value of MEPS requirements since January 22, 2015 will be enforced Stage 2 enhance the (see below):

Air Conditioning Equipment TypeThe refrigeration Capacity constraints(CC)
 From September 7,2013 start the mandatory implementation From Jan.22,2015 start the mandatory implementation
Capacity constraints(T1)T1T3T1T3
Window18000 > CC8.
18000 CC < 240008.
CC  240008.
Fission and others All ability9.56.8411.58.28

New energy efficiency standards for household refrigerators SASO2664: 2013. The enforcement date: 2014-10-01
 The new standard implementation timetable
--Start from August 1, 2014 SASO will no longer accept the old standard of energy efficiency certificate request
-- Start from January 1, 2015 Saudi Customs will prohibit the refrigerator does not comply with the new standards, can not enter the Saudi market.
-- Start from March 1, 2015 Refrigerator does not comply with the new standards will be prohibited from sale in the Saudi market.
-- Already hold a valid certificate of Saudi energy efficiency, but do not comply with the new standards refrigerator, allowing the use of the label in the market as late on February 28, 2015.
-- Already hold a valid certificate of Saudi energy efficiency, and comply with the new standards refrigerator, allow continue to use the label until the certificate is invalid.

3. Washing machine
New energy efficiency standards for household washing machines SASO 2692: 2013.The enforcement date: 2014-10-01
The new standard implementation timetable: Same for the refrigerator.
 Control products
Air conditioners, washing machines, freezers
Application process
Qualification of energy efficiency testing laboratory—Waltek submit test reports and documents required to SASO---SASO verify, issue the EER certificate.

Certification mark

 Other information
Technical Information:Voltage and frequency AC220V 60Hz, plug BS 1363
Whether to forcibly: Mandatory
The certificate is valid: Valid for one year
Plant inspection requirements:None
Holder of the requirements:None


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