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FCC Certification

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Certification Introduction:

 FCC is (Federal Communications Commission, the US Federal Communications Commission www.fcc.gov) abbreviation, FCC certification of electronic products into the US market mandatory certification. Involving more than 50 US states, Colombia and the United States-owned areas.

 FCC certification is compulsory certification EMC America, mainly for 9KHz-3000GHz FCC certification of electrical and electronic products, covering all aspects of radio communications, especially radio interference wireless communications equipment and systems, including radio interference limits and methods of measurement and certification system and organizational management system. By FCC regulated products, such as: personal computers, CD players, copiers, radios, fax machines, video game machines, electronic toys, televisions and microwave ovens and other products. By use of these products are classified as CLASS A, CLASS B two categories, A class is used for business or industrial purpose products, Class B is for home use product, FCC class B product regulatory requirements more stringent limits A class of low and, for most of the electrical and electronic products, the main criteria is FCC Part 15 and FCC Part 18.

FCC certification forms:

 FCC has three different product authentication mode, namely: Verification Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and Certification. Different authentication modes require testing laboratories to obtain FCC approval, and there are different application, testing and affirmed requirements.

 1, Verification: namely self-verification, the manufacturer or importer to ensure that their products were necessary testing to confirm the product meets the relevant technical standards and retain test reports, testing laboratory FCC LISTEE, all accredited venues are published in the Official Online. FCC the right to require manufacturers to submit test data equipment or product samples. Equipment for self-validation include commercial computer, industrial TV and FM receivers and FCC Rule Part 18 of the use of non-public consumer, scientific and medical equipment.

 2, Declaration of Conformity (DoC): namely, Declaration of Conformity, the device responsible party (usually the manufacturer or importer) in the FCC designated qualified testing organizations to test the product in order to ensure that the equipment complies with the relevant technical standards and retain test reports , the certification body must have NVLAP / A2LA authorization. FCC the right to require the party responsible for submitting product samples or test data devices. Equipment for declarations of conformity, including home computers and peripherals, civilian radio receiver, super-regenerative receivers, FCC Rule Part 15 of the other receivers, TV interface devices, cable system terminal equipment and Part 18 of the mass consumer use industrial, scientific and medical equipment.

 3, Certification: namely ID certification, Certification is based on FCC data and sign the application and test equipment approved process. Samples (or photo) FCC submitted by the applicant and the test data for review, if they meet the requirements of the FCC rules to authorize an FCC ID number device. Equipment for certification include low power transmitters such as cordless phones, automatic doors remote control, radio-controlled toys and security alarm systems, Part 15 of intentional radiate radio frequency energy, industrial mass consumer use of Part 18, scientific and medical equipment, automatic frequency receivers and super-regenerative receivers, TV interface devices, and home computers and peripherals. The party responsible for FCC ID should be marked on the device.

FCC's main criteria

As follows, FCC PART 15 and PART 18 most widely used:

FCC Standard Scope

FCC PART15 C / E / F intention radiation device testing

FCC PART 18 industrial, scientific and medical equipment

FCC PART 22 public mobile communications services

FCC PART 24 Personal Communications Services

FCC PART 25 satellite communication services

FCC PART 27 other FCC wireless communications services

FCC PART 68 Telecommunications Terminal Equipment

FCC Part 15 for the intentional, unintentional or transient and do not need individual licenses in use transmitting equipment to make provision. It includes technical specifications, administrative requirements and other market access conditions. Products are divided into four categories: Unintentional transmission equipment, intends to launch devices, personal communication devices without a license, the State on the basis of information equipment without a license.

FCC Part 18 for electromagnetic energy for industrial, scientific and medical devices on certain spectrum of work (ISM) emitted to make provision, in order to avoid the above-mentioned equipment mandated wireless communications services cause harmful interference.


Commissioned by concrete steps to apply for FCC certification:

1, the customer submits the application form (Division I provide a blank application form);

2, the customer and I signed a contract commissioned detected;

3, sample testing, and ready to electrical schematics, internal / external photos, oscillator circuit diagram, user manual nameplate, works instructions, etc. (depending on the product);

4, after testing qualified, if it is FCC VOC certification, I direct the Secretary issued a certificate and report, if the FCC DOC or ID authentication, Division I will be the application materials submitted to the FCC authorized certification body;

5, after the enterprises to obtain FCC certification, you can use the FCC logo on the product.

 NOTE: FCC ID certification required to submit lists and requirements are as follows:

 1) FCC Application Form: Application company name, address, contact information, product name and model number, and other information using standard requires accurate;

 2) FCC authorization letter: To be signed by the applicant company contacts stamped and scanned into electronic files;

 3) FCC confidential: confidential product information is confidential agreements with TCB applicant organization signed, to be signed by the applicant's contacts stamped and scanned into electronic files;

 4) Block diagram: the need to draw all the crystal and oscillator frequency, and consistent with the circuit diagram;

 5) The circuit diagram: must and a block diagram of the inside of the crystal frequency crystal oscillator quantity and location of the same;

 6) Line Description: The requirements for the English, the product's features clearly describe the realization of the principle;

 7) Instructions: FCC requires warnings;

 8) tags and tag location: location requirements have FCC ID number label and Statement, labels remarkable;

 9) Appearance Photo: Requirements picture clarity, increased if necessary notes;

 10) Test Report: Requires the test is complete, full-evaluate the product in accordance with standard terms and conditions;

FCC certified product range

1, Power FCC certification: communication power supply, switching power supplies, chargers, monitor power supply, LED power supply, LCD power supply, uninterruptible power supply UPS, etc;

2, lamps FCC certification: chandeliers, track lights, garden lights, portable lights, downlights, LED lights, string lights, table lamps, LED lighting, LED bulb lights, grille, aquarium lights, street lamps, LED lamp, LED lamps, energy saving lamps, T8 lamps and the like;

3, home appliances FCC certification: fan, kettle, stereos, televisions, mouse, vacuum cleaners and the like;

4, electronic FCC certification: earplugs, routers, cell phone batteries, laser pointer, vibration rods;

5, communications products FCC certification: telephone, wired telephone wireless main and auxiliary machines, fax machines, telephone answering machines, modems, data interface cards and other communications products.

6, wireless products FCC certification: Bluetooth BT products, tablet PCs, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless reader, wireless transceivers, radios, wireless microphone, remote control, wireless network equipment, wireless video transmission system and other low power wireless products;

7, wireless communications products FCC certification: 2G mobile phones, 3G mobile phone, 3.5G mobile phones, DECT phones (1.8G, 1.9G frequency), wireless walkie-talkie;

8, mechanical FCC certification: gasoline, welding, CNC drilling machine, tool grinder, lawn mower, washing equipment, bulldozers, elevators, drilling machines, dishwashers, water treatment equipment, a gasoline welder, printing machinery, woodworking machinery , rotary drilling rig, grass trimmer, snow machines, excavators, printing presses, printers, cutters, rollers, smoothing machines, cutters, straight hair, food machinery, lawn machines;

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