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ELT certification

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ETL is North America's most dynamic safety certification mark, dating back to the electrical testing laboratory in 1896 by Thomas Edison created, with a wide range of visibility and recognition in North America. ETL mark is the world's leading quality and safety agencies exclusive logo Intertek, and get ETL logo products meet mandatory standards on behalf of North America, it can successfully enter the North American market.

Brief introduction
ETL SEMKO is part of Intertek Testing Services Ltd., the company is the world's largest product and commodities testing organization in North America, Europe, 93 countries in Asia, has 240 laboratories, 469 offices. ETL SEMKO provides product safety testing and certification, EMC testing, product performance testing, while providing a variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals, HVAC, appliances, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, building materials, energy generation systems such as quality management system of registration.
Any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical products with a long ETL inspection mark to show that it is tested in accordance with relevant industry standards. Each industry has different testing standards, so the requirements for specific products must be accountable to professional advice. ETL inspection mark is widely used in cable products that passed the relevant tests.
In most parts of the United States, approval of electrical products is mandatory. ETL ETL Testing Laboratories means (ETL Testing Laboratories Inc). ETL Listed products are made of "competent authority having jurisdiction" (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) recognized, can be considered "Approved."

ETL basic test method
leakage current test: leakage current test is used as a model Before the test did not conduct other tests
2), normal temperature: Test Test Method: thermocouple: Standard requires 24-30AWG thermocouple, (currently laboratory use 30AWG)
3), after the influx of state leakage current test: General Test conditions: T = 32 +/- 2 ° C, RH = 88 ± 2% Duration: 48 hours after the completion of removal do leakage tests Test Conditions T = 20 ~ 30 ° C, RH = 93 +/- 3%
4) Pressure test: general unparalleled insulation and ground product requirements: 1000 V / 1 min (target voltage equipment climb time is set for 5 seconds, set the cutoff current of 8.3 mA, and then maintained at the target voltage of 1 minute)
the company
Tested in accordance with the relevant product safety standards, it represents the manufacturing plant agreed to receive rigorous and regular checks to ensure product quality and consistency, can be sold in the United States and Canada markets.
(1) ETL inspection mark any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical products with a long ETL inspection mark to show that it is tested in accordance with relevant industry standards.
(2) ETL Listed Mark any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical products with a long ETL mark to show that it is tested in accordance with the relevant product safety 

related information
ETL certification is required for products exported to the US and Canadian certification. ETL mark indicates the product has passed the United States or Canada, NRTL and SCC approval tests. ETL mark recognition and UL or CSA marks having equivalent effect, and comply with the relevant safety standards. ETL Listed Mark products have meant that it has met the minimum requirements for product safety standards. In addition, ETL mark indicates the manufacturer more production sites in line with a range of standards, and by learning facility periodically review the follow-up to ensure continued consistency. ETL appeared more than 100 years. ETL these three letters in 1896 founded by inventor Mr. Edison electrical testing laboratory (Electrical Testing Labs) for short. ETL stands for innovation, influential, independent product testing and public experience.

The difference between UL and ETL
UL and ETL represent products through Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) test, meet the appropriate safety standards. So the real difference is service. As ETL customer, you can enjoy customized testing, inspection and certification services, fast and flexible operating cycle work. We are working with customers to create a way of working more closely so that your products faster and more smoothly, more efficient access to markets.
ETL certification and UL certification have the same access to the effectiveness of the North American market, but the ETL certification costs much lower than the UL certification, UL certification generally only half, but, ETL certified product testing by the CB test report, you can save a lot of testing costs.
ETL certification time is much shorter than the UL certification, under special circumstances, ETL certification can first, then the factory inspection, to export your product to save valuable time.

common problem
Frequently asked questions about the ETL Listed mark
1.Manufacturers Why ETL Listed Mark?
Manufacturers are hoping to have many options to meet their procurement needs, an important part of the test and certification service provider is selected.

2.Whether the ETL Listed Mark UL and CSA listed logo is equivalent in law?
Law requires products sold in the United States for testing and certification at the US Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) designated Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) performed. NRTL's function is to provide an independent assessment of a variety of electric, gas, oil products, testing and certification services.
Products labeled with ETL Listed Mark indicates that the product has reached the basic requirements of the specified security criteria. In addition, the mark also indicates compliance with the manufacturer's factory compliance measures, and subject to regular follow-up inspections to verify that the product has continued consistency.

3.What is NRTL?
Nationally recognized NRTL by the US Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) accredited independent laboratory, in accordance with the applicable product safety standards (such as the United States and China UL product safety and other standards developed by standards bodies) requirements for product testing .

4.What is ETL Listed Mark mean?
Simply put, ETL Listed Mark indicates that your product has been approved or tested US NRTL and SCC of Canada, in accordance with recognized national standards, but also meet the most basic requirements of product sales or distribution. For distributors, retailers and customers, ETL mark is a product meets safety standards, has been tested and certified third party guarantee.

5.Posted ETL Listed Mark, the retailer will accept it?
Yes. Because the ETL Listed Mark is a widely accepted and recognized proof of product compliance, there is no reason not to accept products retailer posted ETL Listed Mark. Individual retailers or dealers do not accept the ETL Listed Mark affixed product, probably because the market misinformation - is this misinformation to mislead some manufacturers believe they can not choose the partner third party testing.

6.ETL Listed Mark are not familiar with, but also how to do?
There is no standard formula to allow users to better understand the ETL Listed Mark. According to background, the environment and other details under specific circumstances, the correct methods vary. Some users only need to show them other posted ETL Listed Mark and respected by everyone product in the "Column Name Catalog" can be found, they can eliminate their concerns. Some users might also insist that the UL Mark is the only acceptable proof of product compliance, which requires them to more fully explain the true law requires a third-party product safety testing implied. Tell them about matters NRTL Program, explained to the user program contains product safety certification and UL same test, column names, labeling, and follow-up inspection services.

7.Which countries accept the ETL mark?
In the United States and Canada, ETL mark is widely accepted proof of product compliance.

8.Are throughout North America have accepted ETL Listed Mark?
Since the ETL Listed Mark is widely recognized and accepted products comply with the safety standards of proof, therefore, retailers, inspectors, and division (AHJ) has accepted the jurisdiction of the ETL Listed products and services.

9.ETL Listed Mark's history?
"ETL" has more than 100 years of history. When the manufacturer for their product application ETL Listed Mark, "ETL" these letters bring them still have a full of innovation, influence and independence history. In fact, the initial electrical testing laboratory (ETL) was founded by Thomas Edison in 1896.
Electrical Testing Laboratory was established to solve the problem of safety and performance of the lamp. Edison's idea is to provide assurances to consumers through a variety of product performance and safety testing. The basic principle of third party Edison lamp test methods pioneered are still in use, such as experts on lamps and bulbs were monitored to determine their service life, light intensity, and if there will be a fire or explosion.

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