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SAA certification

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Certification Overview
SAA was referred to the Australian Standards Association (Standards Association of Australia), and is Australia's standard-setting bodies. 1999 and replaced by the Association Co., known as Standards Australia International Limited, referred to as the SAI. SAI is an independent joint-stock company, has no direct relationship with the government. We often referred to the Australian certification SAA certification, SAA is actually just the standard-setting bodies, without issuing Certification. Currently, there are qualifications accept applications for accreditation and certification bodies have 43, include only the following sections:
1, Office of Fair Trading, New South Wales (NSW)
2,2.Department of Industrial Relations, Queensland (Queensland)
3, The Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector, Victoria (Victoria)
4, SAA Approval Pty Ltd (SAA agency)
5, Office of Energy Policy, South Australia
6, Office of Energy, Western Australia
7, Office of Electricity, Standards and Safety, Tasmania
8, Ministry of Commerce, New Zealand
After more than one certification which issued the certificate after receiving institution, marked codes and abbreviations certified company registration number is "safety mark", such as "N12345", represented by the NSW issued certificates, registration number "12345." Safety No certification mark, not the flag of the issuing agency on the label. Identification number on the label need to fight.
Australia's criteria for "AS" at the beginning of the joint standard of Australia and New Zealand to "AS / NZS" beginning. Standards Australia and New Zealand standards consistent with the IEC, there are some differences between countries at the same time. Australia and New Zealand to implement uniform standards and mutual recognition of certification, certified products as long as a country can be in another country after sales. Australia Australian Security Certification covering six continents.
SAA certification product range control products can be divided into mandatory and non-mandatory electronic products and electronic products in two ways:
1, mandatory product (Declared Electrical Products) covering 56 categories of products, such as an external power supply or battery charger, cables, plugs, home appliances (60335-2-9, -14,15, -23, -80), lighting (60598- 2-4) and the like. Electric control class mandatory must obtain approval by the monitoring department issued a certificate (certificate of approval), namely SAA certification, and provides identification (must be marked with the certificate number).
2, non-mandatory products (Non-Declared Electrical Products), means other than mandatory product certification, such as commercial kitchen appliances. Non-regulated products, while not mandatory to obtain certification, but its safety by the vendor / manufacturer is responsible, may voluntarily apply for certification. Monitoring department will be required to meet standards issued Product Conformity Certificate (Certificate of Suitability). Obtain a certificate of conformity of electrical products can be marked with a certificate number, certificate good last letter showed that the certificate issued by state or region.
Application Process
1, customers prepare samples and information submitted to Waltek
2, Waltek laboratory for testing
3, the test reports and information submitted to the certification body
4. The certification body audit file after the passage of a certificate issued by SAA
Certification mark
No certification mark, the identification number on the label needs to play
other information
Technical Information: AC240V / 50Hz for AU; AC 230V / 50Hz for New Zealand
Whether mandatory: Mandatory Voluntary +
The certificate is valid: valid up to 5 years
Audit requirements: None
Holder Requirements: a local registered company or local agent holder

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