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R&TTE Certification

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What is the R&TTE certification?
R & TTE :( Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive), Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive. The instructions include products with short-range wireless remote control products, professional radio remote control products, Bluetooth products.
R&TTE basic requirements
On radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment: including Low Voltage Directive 73/23 / EEC relating to safety requirements (although no voltage limit);
For Directive 89/336 / EEC of electromagnetic compatibility protection. Only radio equipment: - Radio equipment should be made into the wireless communication spectrum and orbit resources to be able to effectively use the allocated land / space, in order to avoid harmful interference.
Affix the CE mark: Yes.
Evaluation criteria: as a basis for the CE mark, conformity assessment should Notified Body involvement.
R&TTE Scope
R&TTE directive include products are:
1, short-range wireless remote control products (SRD) such as: remote control toy car, remote alarm system, remote control doorbell,

Remote control toy car
Remote control switches, remote control mouse, keyboard, and so on.
2, professional radio remote control products (PMR) for example: professional wireless walkie-talkie, wireless microphones. Corded telephone, fax, MODEM, telephone answering machines, small telephone exchange (PABX), cordless phones CTO, CT1, CT1 + ..., ISDN (digital telephone product), DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone), GSM, CDMA ...
3, Bluetooth products such as: Bluetooth headset.

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