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E-Mark Certification

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vehicle product certification testing service

E-Mark certification is used in the European Community. For motor vehicles and their components, noise and exhaust gas, must meet the requirements of EEC Directives and the Economic Commission of Europe Regulation (ECE Regulation ). After the products complying with the certification requirements, an eligible certificate will be issued to ensure the safety of driving and the requirements of environment protection. According to the requirements of EU Directive 2004/104/EC , all electrical and electronic products used in motor vehicles sold in the EU market must be tested and certified to access the e-Mark and attached with“e”mark. Then the customs in each EU country will agree to proceed and allow these products entering into the local market.

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Europe for vehicle and motor vehicle safety-related components and systems security certification requirements, embodied for the E flag and e logo certification.

E logo from the Economic Commission for Europe (Economic Commisssion of Europe, referred to as ECE) regulations (Regulation) promulgated by the ECE currently includes 28 countries in Europe, in addition to members of the EU abroad, including Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and other non-European countries. ECE members generally are willing to receive ECE regulations test reports and certificates. E signs the certificate relates to the product components and system components, there is no corresponding vehicle certification regulations, access to E logo certified products, is accepted by the market. E logo certified to perform testing agencies ECE member technical services. E signs the certificate issuing bodies are members of ECE government departments, the certificate has a corresponding number of countries.

E1- Germany
E2- France
E3- Italy
E4- Netherlands
E5- Sweden
E6- Belgium
E7- Hungary
E8- Czech
E9- Spain
E10- Yugoslavia
E11- Britain
E12- Austria
E13- Luxembourg

e logo is based on the European Commission to force member states to use EU Directive motor vehicle vehicle, safety components and systems certification mark. Testing should be a member of the EU domestic technical services, certification bodies of the EU member governments the transport sector. Get e logo certified products to the EU member states will be recognized. E logo certification with the same certification of Member States have the appropriate number:
e1- Germany
e2- France
e3- Italy
e4- Netherlands
e5- Sweden
e6- Belgium
e7- Hungary
e8- Czech
e9- Spain
e11- Britain
e12- Austria
e13- Luxembourg

For most car electronics products, E / e mark of the technical requirements of major products for the electromagnetic compatibility requirements. For the E mark, and regulations for the ECE 10.02, e mark for the 95/54 / EC. Both basically the same technical requirements, requirements for electromagnetic disturbance component parts of the vehicle or car of the near field (1m test distance) satisfy broadband and narrowband limits. Meanwhile, the vehicle control related component parts to meet the requirements of electromagnetic radiation interference.

From January 2006, the new directive e mark of 2004/104 / EC will replace the 95/54 / EC. New Directive on electromagnetic interference with the old directive issued by the same restrictions, but the need for immunity testing of the functional scope of products has clear and expansion.

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