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The State of Israel Certificatin

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The State of Israel Certificatin

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Israel SII certification
Brief Introduction

According to Israel, the Israeli Bureau of Standards "Standards Act" in 1953 (SII, The Standards Institution of ISrael) is Israel's official standards bodies. SII is a nongovernmental organization, but by the direct management of the Government of Israel, In Israeli industry, trade and ministry of labor (Ministry Industry & Trade) under the leadership of Israel, responsible for standards development, certification and product testing, ensure that domestic production or imports products meet the quality requirements. SII has been promulgated so far as many as 3,000 Israeli standards, standard code with "IS" indicates. For managed controlled of electrical and electronic products, in accordance with regulatory requirements, from January 1, 2005 starting, must apply for and obtain certification from SII as a clearance and sales permits.
For most of the IEC standard, SII accepted IECEE system of mutual recognition of test certificates on electrical products. According to CB Scheme rules, SII acknowledge that CB report and CB certificates, only need to check whether the differences between Israel and the additional requirements (including EMC certification standards). But note that, however, SII is currently accepting CB certificate of transfer products categories include only: lighting, information and office equipment, medical equipment, measuring instruments, electronic entertainment devices, capacitors.  

According to "Standardization Law," Israel will harm their products based on the degree of public health and safety may be caused by the implementation is divided into four different grades of management:
Class I is dangerous to public health and safety the highest level of products, such as household appliances, children's toys, pressure vessels, a portable foam extinguishers.
Class II is a potential public health and safety moderate degree of risk products include: sunglasses, balls for various purposes, installation of pipes, carpets, bottles, construction materials.
Class III is for public health and safety levels of low-risk products include: ceramic tile, ceramic sanitary ware.
Class IV is only for industrial use but not directly to consumers products: such as industrial electronics.

Application process
1.Standards Mark Certification: voluntary + mandatory certification, is in principle voluntary certification. But for Class I products implement mandatory certification requirements.
1) mandatory product include:Class I products, Specifically including storage of solar water heaters, plugs and sockets, lamps, ballasts, lamp, household gas equipment, portable electric immersion heaters, electric kettles, fire-extinguishing equipment, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, household heating / cooking / frying appliance, elevator, electric blankets, primary batteries, etc. Specific products are within the scope of mandatory, please check with Waltek. 
2) Certification program: SII product testing + SII first experience factory + SII annual experience factory = SII Certificate
3) Mark: as shown below: 
2.Safety Mark certification:voluntary Certification. Is largely for Class I products. The main effect of the application of the certification is to reduce the customs inspection procedures, in a short time to enter the market. Different from standards Mark certification, the safety mark certification it does not require experience factory.
1) Mandatory product include: Class I products. Specific products are within the scope of mandatory, please check with Waltek.
2) Certification Program: SII product testing= SII certification
3) Mark: as shown below:

3.SII Type Approval: Currently commonly used way. After approval of the application is not granted mark, but allows products in customs import pre-shipment and post-sale compliance detected. No experience factory requirements.

4.SII Shipment Inspection: When the goods to the port, Israeli customs will conduct batch by batch tests and inspections of products. Greater risk in this way.
Certification mark

其他信息 Other information
Technical Information: Voltage frequency AC230V,50Hz,plug SI 32
Whether the mandatory: Mandatory+Voluntary
The certificate is valid: 1~4 years, based on the product.
Experience factory requirements: Only the SII Standards Mark Certification need to experience factory.
Holder of the requirements: need a local agent holder.

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