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C-Tick certification

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C-tick Certification

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 A / C-Tick is the Australian Communications Authority (Australian Communications Authority, referred to as the ACA) to telecommunications equipment certification mark.
Manufacturers and importers must be more steps to use A-Tick accordance with the following:
1, the implementation of technical standards ACAQ test
2, the ACA registered to use A / C-Tick
3, fill out the "Statement of Compliance table" (Declaration of Conformity Form), and and products comply with record keeping
4, in communication products or equipment affixed has A / C-Tick mark identification (label)
5, A-Tick sales to consumers only for communication products, electronic products, mostly to apply C-Tick, but the electronics if the application A-Tick, you do not need to apply for C-Tick.
Since November 2001, to Australia / EMI merger applications in New Zealand; if the product is to be sold in these two countries, the following documents required before Sold , to prepare for ACA (Australian Communications Authority) or New Zealand (Ministry of Economic Development ) authorities always spot:
1. Test Report - must be NATA or NATA compromise of certification bodies, such as NVLAP or A2LA accredited laboratory issued to be valid, otherwise the test samples sent to the probability is very high.
2. "Application to use the C-tick Mark" Form - must be signed by the Australian / New Zealand company or importer responsible.
3. "Supplier's Declaration of Conformity" Form - must be signed by the Australian / New Zealand company or importer responsible. Signed in charge of the manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that sales of products still meet EMI requirements.
4. The original of the artwork and design specifications (such as: circuit diagram, block diagram, User's Manual and Service Manual, etc.).
5. A description of the production inspection procedures when it, in order to ensure the maintenance of EMI characteristics.
6. Any changes will affect the EMI narrative and necessary test records.
Certification period: 1-2 weeks.
Australian suppliers must be on the provision of information standard, so ACA in the market for this product can effectively be traced back to the supplier is responsible for EMC when sampling products beside C-Tick mark. Identification information includes four aspects:
1. Australia's registered name and address of the supplier.
2. Australian Company Number (Australian Company Number)
3. Awarded by the ACA to Australian suppliers of numbers.
4. Australian products in the Australian market to use a registered trademark.
C-Tick sequence tag radio communication equipment or special electrical and electronic equipment must comply with the relevant labeling notice requirements, or can not be sold or supplied to Australia The C-Tick is a sequence tag, which applies to the following labeling notices covered Material Project
1. The radio communication (sequence tag comes with launch) a brief description of the bulletin 2001 have been adjusted in line with EMC arrangements
2. Radio Equipment (sequence tag) bulletin No. 1 1996 to submit a brief description of significant adjustment of radio communication arrangements
3. The radio communication (sequence tag - electromagnetic radiation) notice 2003 EMR submit a brief description of the adjustment arrangements
EMC adjustment under the arrangement, the supply of the label must be affixed on the product in order to Australia in the product before. It is also the order of the label must meet the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) rules for non-radio communications products. For telecommunication products, EMR is A-Tick sequence tag coverage. On C-Tick label order must be able to identify the supplier's supplier information. This information may be taken by the ACA issued a supplier code, the Australian company number or other form related tag notices can get more detailed information on the use of C-Tick mark on the ACA website.
Australian EMC system the product is divided into three levels, vendor sales level two, level three former product must be registered with the ACA, apply for C-Tick mark.
Level one product refers to the use of wireless spectrum interference devices with lower radiation products, such as a manual switch, a simple relay, single squirrel-cage induction motors, resistors and the like. On the level of the product, the supplier must provide a signed declaration of conformity and product described in the book. The level of a product may voluntarily apply for C-Tick mark, but suppliers choose to use the mark, in the declaration of conformity and product description of the book, while also providing compliance records to prove that the products have been described in the statement comply with the relevant EMC standards. Test sites is not required, allowing internal testing.
Level 2 Product refers to the use of wireless spectrum interference radiation higher equipment products, such as switching power supplies, welding machines, dimmers, most household appliances. Suppliers must sign in addition to the declaration of conformity and deliver products described in the book, but also to provide a test report according to relevant standards, if not standards, we need to provide technical construction file, test site is not required, allowing internal testing.
    Level 3 product is the use of radio spectrum interference radiation equipment high product, namely CISPR11 and CISPR22 covered products. Currently, communication terminal products still on included in this range, but from November 7, 2003, the end product will be divided into level two products. Suppliers must sign in addition to the declaration of conformity and deliver products described in the book, but also provided by a recognized testing agency test reports. But also the quality management system certificates issued by a certification body QSM.

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