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US DLC certification application process and US subsidies on products

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1, to understand the DLC certification, we must first understand the Energy Star. Energy Star (Energy Star) is a dominated by the US government (US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE)), and the combination of product manufacturing, joint participation in retail, mainly for consumer electronics products, energy saving plan. Energy Star certification requires that all manufacturers must submit audited by the IAS to give authorization, test results and by the US Department of Energy laboratory accredited and approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency issued be valid. Enter the US market lighting products, Energy Star certification is not mandatory, but the US government strongly supports this certification, also provides for the sale of Energy Star certified products manufacturers and the use of family subsidies, and federal government agencies Select Energy Star Energy Star certified products. Therefore, China's lamps sold in most American products, have Energy Star certification. The DLC is outside the ES specification for products and services.
2, DLC is jointly organized by the utility companies and regional energy efficiency agencies, and is a leader in certification of energy-efficient lighting quality and performance. DLC's goal is to promote high-quality, energy-efficient lighting design popular in all areas of commercial lighting. DLC certified products directory is used for public utility companies throughout the United States has not yet been "Energy Star (ENERGY STAR)" standard coverage of high-performance solid-state lighting promotion.
    "For non-Energy Star (ENERGY STAR) lighting products concerned, DLC certification catalog is a measure of high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products actually
3, the current US Energy Star products can not be done, you can do DLC certification.
4, BellSouth is the United States, the Canadian government and power sector subsidies DLC LED lighting implementation project (Designlights
Consortium) testing agencies and applicants.
DLC required to submit the following information:
Product specifications, DLC requires LED products require testing and submission IES LM-79 reports, ISTMT field temperature test report, lamp beads LM-
80 reports; warranty claims (at least 5-year warranty), another DLC required to complete the appropriate form.
DLC certification standards:
1, the current V1.7 version is November 13, 2012 update, the transition period in April 6, 2013;
2, the 2.0 version since the publication date of April 7, 2013, you can use.
3, the old V1.7 version of the test product will be January 1, 2014, it is estimated, will have to provide new technical report, changes to re-evaluate criteria
4, this substantially improves the efficiency illumination light to 70-85lm / w.
5, this time focusing on lamps, panel lights requires adaptation of the prior art: to enhance light efficiency 85lm / W, luminous flux is reduced to 2000 or 3000lm, higher than the range put away
Width to 2.0;
6, this will also be high-bay and low bay lights, lumen segment by as 10,000lm and 5,000lm
DLC main test items:
1, the minimum light output
2. Regional lumen distribution
3, color temperature, color rendering index
4, light efficiency
5, lumen maintenance
6, guarantee service life
7, power factor and current harmonics

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